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How can I book a color service? 

Do you have more times available than what I see online and when does your schedule open?

Unfortunately, because my clients book in advance, I usually do not have last minute openings. If you do not see a time you would like to book, select the squeeze in button below.

What is the difference between Boho faux, boho goddess locs and freedom locs?

Do any of the protective styles unwrap or slip over time? 

Sometimes with a lot of manipulation locs can slip or unwrap but this is not a common problem but it can begin to happen as the style ages. 

All loc installs are temporary and are a synthetic and human blend grade of hair. 

Boho faux locs are temporary locs that are messy with no curls on the ends. 

Boho goddess locs are the same but there are curls on the end. 

Freedom locs are lightly distressed temporary locs with curls on the ends, this style is not offered without the curls. 

Are your installs tight or uncomfortable?

Installs are sectioned to fit into a ponytail or bun without a lot of tension around your hairline & crown areas.

Sections and tension used for protective style services are done with length retention of your hair in mind.

What is the benefit to the synthetic/human blend hair?

Synthetic/Human Blend: Less weight, CAN be cleansed while installed , can last 6-10 weeks with maintenance depending on upkeep. These take less time to dry and the curls on the ends can be refreshed during your install with water or mousse. 

Can I shampoo my protective style?

Synthetic/Human Blend & Human Blend: yes you can cleanse your scalp detailed upkeep information will be included in your follow up email and discussed at your appointment. 

Tea Tree Oil can be used for itch relief  after applying your leave -in you can seal your moisture in with grapeseed oil.

it is not recommended to use a lot of product during your install, this can cause damage during your takedown that can result in hair loss. 

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